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motivational speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman

About Kevin

For nearly two decades, Kevin Abdulrahman has helped Fortune 500 businesses, presidents, dignitaries, and executives set, meet, and surpass their goals. As a world authority on leadership development and executive communication, he offers insights and training to transform top companies.

What Other Experts Say

Life is a game with no timeouts, no substitutions and no instant replay. Kevin shows us how to move from player to champion.
Dr. Denis Waitley
Expert In High-Performance Human Achievement
Save yourself many years, and even a lifetime of struggle in achieving success and prosperity. Revolutionize your life.
Brian Tracy
Motivational Public Speaker and Self-Development Author

What Kevin Delivers

Investing in a communication specialist promises short and long-term results. Kevin Abdulrahman is the preferred choice by clients when it comes to motivational speaking and leadership development with a focus on executive communications.

Learning communication techniques and leadership skills can’t be one-size-fits-all. That’s why Kevin’s training programs and workshops are tailored specifically for the client and the goals and hurdles they’re facing. Kevin’s approach takes past experience, current objectives, and future challenges into account when customizing programs for his clientele. After nearly twenty years of honing the skill set to stimulate the world’s most forward-thinking brands and companies, Kevin continues to offer an experienced and hands-on approach to his clients to achieve growth.

Specializing in executive communications, Kevin brings his skills and passion to the table to help executives and high-achievers reach their milestones. “I see it as a catalyst to achieve growth – a way to get ahead of the pack while creating symbiotic relationships across organizations,” he says.  Kevin is able to effectively coach organizational leaders to provide connection, context, and growth-oriented content to stakeholders, increasing a company’s efficiency and value tenfold.


Hire a Motivational Keynote Speaker

Kevin Abdulrahman was voted Top Motivational Speaker of 2017 from a list of 1,300 other professionals. His way of motivating and inspiring high-achieving individuals and organizations is uniquely rooted in the science of positive psychology. Many motivational speakers rely on jargon, celebrity endorsements, and fancy graphics to get their point across to their audiences. In contrast, Kevin uses what works, by harnessing nearly two decades of experience and a wealth of data-driven knowledge to deliver real value that is tangible and actionable.