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What Do Highly Confident People Do Differently?

Highly confident people aren’t secretly superheroes. They don’t have any unfair advantages. So, what do they do differently? In fact, confidence is a skill that can be learned by anybody. Embody these seven habits of highly confident people to become a person worth following.

1. They chase their dreams with relentless enthusiasm.

Highly confident people aren’t afraid of a challenge. They’re willing to put in more work than the average person. As a result, confident people tend to earn an above average return.

They don’t merely put in the work. They do it with a smile on their face. Their enthusiasm attracts people to them. The days never become “dry” or “dull,” because every action has a specific purpose.

2. They don’t wait for another person’s permission.

Highly confident people are bold and decisive. If they believe a decision is in the best interest of their client or company, they don’t waste time waiting for authorization. They get moving.

That said, they aren’t reckless. Confident people calculate the potential risk or downside of any decision before they go “All in.” Assuming those calculations pass a sniff test, they plan and execute their strategy immediately.

3. They take intelligent risks that make sense.

Highly confident people aren’t opposed to trying new approaches. They know any strategy, regardless of how effective it was initially, can become stale or out-dated as time passes.

They’re not the kind of person who pursues change for its own sake. “Different” isn’t always “better.” However, they are willing to adopt a new policy or procedure when the evidence suggests it’s for the greater good.

4. They don’t live for other people’s approval.

Highly confident people know they won’t be liked by everyone. They’re totally fine with that. Sometimes you have to push away the “wrong” kind of person to attract the “right” one.

They don’t abide by anybody’s script but their own. Do the wishes of their family and friends matter? Sure. But confident people always prioritize what’s best for them, because it’s their life, and they’ll live it however they see fit.

5. They seek feedback and constructive criticism.

Highly confident people don’t need a “safe space” to protect them from being criticized. They have no tolerance for “yes men” who will say anything to avoid offending them.

Confidence is not given. It’s earned. And to earn confidence, you must embrace the learning process. That means you’ll mess up sometimes. No big deal. As long as you frame “mistakes” as “growth opportunities,” they’ll transform you into a smarter version of yourself.

6. They don’t perceive failure as a “negative” thing.

Highly confident people are used to failure. They’ve been rejected so many times that getting a “No” doesn’t cause an emotional reaction. Instead, they get back up and try again.

When you have the ambition of a highly confident person, failure is  a given. You can’t aim so high without failing a few times. Find a lesson in every miss. Apply that lesson to the way you do business. If you make enough adjustments, your accuracy will drastically improve.

7. They have no time or tolerance for gossip and drama.

Highly confident people don’t put others down. They’re so confident in themselves that it’d be a wasteful use of energy. They treat everybody with a positive and accepting attitude.

Complaining and condemning are not constructive things to do. In fact, judging somebody will only cause them to become defensive. When that happens, they won’t hear anything else you have to say. It’s better to emphasize people’s strengths and similarities. Now they’ll listen…

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