Motivational Speaker & Public Speaking Coach

Known as The Man Inspiring Millions, Kevin Abdulrahman is a motivational speaker to Fortune 500, fast growth and forward-thinking companies. When a poll was conducted of 1300 thought leaders and professional speakers, the name Kevin Abdulrahman topped the list – voted 2017’s Top Motivational Keynote Speaker.

Kevin Abdulrahman shares his thoughts, tips and strategies that are proven to get results. He speaks the language of the people today. Nothing fancy. Straight to the point. No sugar coating.The Man Inspiring Millions is captivating and compelling. Ask his clients, followers and fans. They will tell you that this young, unique and punchy motivational speaker, has a certain voice and style that’s different.

Kevin Abdulrahman is a renowned expert and author of several books on boosting business results, creativity, communication, confidence development, embracing change, goal achievement, fostering a winning culture, leadership, motivation, personal growth, public speaking, sales and success. He has created countless training programs for leading companies providing regular guidance and achievement strategies for their people.

When not speaking on a stage, Kevin Abdulrahman is a public speaking coach and communication consultant to senior executives, world leaders, power players, politicians, presidents and royalty, helping them deliver their message precision and impact.

Gen X & Millennials Make Up Your Real Work Force. Kevin represents the face and voice of today’s powerhouse. Don’t just bring someone whom your people are gonna consider to be a Dinosaur. You want someone hip, smart, passionate and understanding of how things go down.

Most Events Are Boring. Kevin is a fun and funny, powerful and punchy speaker. Your audience are guaranteed a great time when he is on stage.

Organizing An Event Has Headaches And Risks. There is no risk in working with Kevin. He was voted as the top motivational speaker in 2017 from a list of 1300 professional speakers. You are working with a Professional.

Your Audience Don’t Want A Lecture. As an engaging keynote speaker, Kevin knows how to move audiences to action in a variety of ways. Gone are the days when you lecture people. Whatever your key message, rest assured that it will be delivered with impact.

Guaranteed Success

Or Your Money Back!

I’m excited to work with you.  Let’s talk about how we can make your event a box office hit.  I consider your event as my own.  Your success is my success.  Have the peace of mind in knowing that by hiring me, you’re working with a partner on a common goal- to have a kick ass event.

Rest assured, your audience will get the key message, have a fun time with me and will remember your event for years to come.  That’s been my guarantee for nearly two decades.  I’ve always been a man of my word.