Public Address | Owning the Stage| Owning the Crowd

What good is an idea if you can’t articulate it? Your ability to speak with impact will directly affect how others perceive you, your offering, your credibility, and your competence. My public speaking coaching methods have worked for Presidents. They will work for you; I guarantee it. Let’s get you speaking at a world-class level.


Board Presentation | Sales Presentations | Formulating Pitches

Every day great ideas are lost in the crowd simply because of poor presentation skills. Every day people desperately check their phones to distract themselves from a terrible presentation. Don’t let this happen to you or your ideas. I will teach you how to prepare for any type of presentation and deliver it in a powerful and convincing manner. You will stand out from the crowd, guaranteed.


Crisis Management | Team Building | Emotional Intelligence

Without communication skills, it is impossible to succeed. Is a lack of communication skills holding back the potential of you and your team? If so, I guarantee that I can help. This is no amateur operation; my communication skills training techniques have worked for dignitaries and CEOs. Don’t let your communication skills hold you back; turn your weakness into strength.


Win-Win Scenarios | Determining Outcome | Negotiation Domination

Most people go into a negotiation totally unprepared and emerge with less than favorable outcomes. Let’s change that. My negotiation system will show you the fundamental process that goes on behind every negotiation. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can better determine the outcome. I guarantee it.


Speech Writing | Camera Training | Verbal / Non-verbal Language

The media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. And preparation is the key to ensuring that the media stays on your side. Yet many companies are stuck in a cycle of permanent damage control. Don’t let that happen to you. I will teach you how to structure a comprehensive media communications strategy that will have your people ready for anything and everything.