Communication And Media Training For Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Companies (2019)

If your company is focused on blockchain technology or cryptocurrency then you probably have the tech part handled. You’re probably focused on how these technologies can change the way data is stored and the way the world does economics. But if you want to be successful in this field, you need more than tech knowledge. You need to be able to communicate about your products, to talk to the media about them. This is the only way you’ll be able to be successful in this competitive field.
And I can help you do that, so you can focus on what you do best. Because this is what I do best.
I help cryptocurrency and blockchain companies compete in this competitive market. I give them the skills to communicate and market effectively so the stand out in the crowd. So if you want to get noticed and to get your products noticed, I can teach you how, guaranteed.

Why Understanding Blockchain Technology Isn’t Enough

There are a lot of companies out there who are jumping at the opportunities that blockchain technology promises. Many of them have great ideas and insights into blockchain and cryptocurrency and how it could be improved or used. But this isn’t enough. If you really want to stand out from the crowd and be successful, you need more than technological knowledge. You also need to be able to tell your story effectively so your company and your products can get the kind of attention that you want. This takes superior communication skills and media training.
Media training can be challenging for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. You need to be able to tell your story in an effective and engaging way no matter what the situation. This means talking at press conferences, in front of journalists, potential investors and in sales and marketing meetings. Unfortunately, this is something that technology company executives and teams struggle with because they aren’t trained in how to convey their story and their message effectively.
You may do everything right when it comes to the technology, but if you don’t have media skills you won’t be successful. It’s just not possible. No matter how good your product is, if you can’t communicate effectively about it, if you can’t promote and sell your products, you will fail.

Let me Help You Succeed

I don’t just promise success. I guarantee it.
My training methods have helped Fortune 500 companies all over the world radically improve their communication and media skills and get the attention of the media, investors and crypto influencers.
I can do the same for you. I will examine your media strategy and communications and train you in strategies that will improve your visibility.
Let me help you with:

  • Media training, so you can make a great impression at media events.
  • Communication techniques to help you convey the value of your company and its products.
  • Effective sales techniques that will boost your sales.
  • Creating a pitch deck so you can inspire your audiences with your vision.
  • Raising capital with an ICO.
  • Preparing for blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences and other presentations.
  • Attracting great talent to your company in the form of crypto influencers.
  • And more…


You Will Get Results

If you put in the work, you will get results.
You and your team will learn how to sell like champions, communicate your message more effectively, and get the right kind of attention from the media.
This is my personal guarantee.
So do you want your blockchain or cryptocurrency company to stand out from the crowd and dominate this new landscape? To be one of the influencers in this changing world?
Then work with me today, and let me work with you.