Best Communication Skills Training in Toronto, Canada (2019)

What’s so important about good communication? To answer this, you need to think about how much time out of your day you spend sharing information, teaching, questioning, calling, texting, writing, and listening. It’s a lot, right? In fact, most of us spend about 70% of our day communicating. It’s an essential skill not only in your personal life but in your professional life too. For this reason, improving these skills is arguably one of the most important investments you will ever make. That’s why you need to choose the best communication skills training in Toronto. And whether you live and work in the Distillery District, Yorkville, Harbourfront or in Downtown Toronto, you’re in the right place.

Who is Kevin Abdulrahman?

You may be wondering, what makes Kevin Abdulrahman the best choice? In order to answer this question, first, allow me to explain what makes Kevin’s courses the top communication skills training in Toronto.

Kevin Abdulrahman Knows How to Succeed

Kevin didn’t just take a couple of courses and read a couple of books and decide he was an expert. In fact, the knowledge he has can’t be gained solely from a book. He became an expert communicator and internationally acclaimed motivational keynote speaker through hard work, intelligence, and perseverance. For this reason, he knows the tricks and techniques that will get you to the top.

Kevin Abdulrahman is an Expert Communicator

Oftentimes, Kevin addresses and moves crowds of over 10,000 people at once. He’s been hired to speak by royalty, government officials, and power players around the world. And he never disappoints. In 2017 he was voted best motivational speaker out of over 1,000 other awesome candidates. So it’s safe to say, Kevin knows how to communicate with people.

Kevin Abdulrahman Delivers Results.

This is one man who will never waste your time. That’s because Kevin is proud of his work and he wants you to get the results you’re looking for. When you work with him, you’ll spend every minute of your time improving your skills as a communicator.

The Benefits of Communication Skills Training

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you can really benefit from the best communication skills training in Toronto, read on! Here’s what it can do for you!

Communication Training Will Increase Your Team’s Potential

Every project, every business, and every government is made up of people. So, what turns these people from individual and disconnected players and into members of a fully functioning and efficient team? It’s communication. 

Teamwork is impossible without communication. For example, how would you expect the members of your team to handle a problem without having the access to information they need? If the friction between a team member and their team prevents good communication, what happens? The answer is: mistakes, decreased productivity and increased turnover. But these are all preventable! With Kevin’s communication techniques you can unlock your team’s full potential and get on track for success!

Communication Training Will Make You a Better Leader

What makes an effective leader? According to one group of highly successful people, good communication ranks as one of the top 3 skills that make a leader amazing. Think about the many famous leaders throughout history. How was their communication? Well, it’s likely that you know one or two of their most popular quotes, or maybe you’ve even read one of their books. Do you remember any poor speakers or communicators? Probably not. That’s because poor communicators aren’t remembered for their leadership skills.

Kevin’s techniques will teach you to convey your messages in ways that surpass the simple sharing of information. They’ll show you to inspire and motivate people to be at their very best. In short, his techniques can make you into an amazing leader.

“If you want to be a leader of people, then you need to be a master of words.” 

Robert Kiyosaki

Communication Training Will Make You More Successful

Why do you think companies usually list communication skills on the job requirement paperwork for employees? It’s because individuals capable of excellent verbal or written communication are much more likely to succeed than those without. Smart business people know this and will often go out of their way to hire good communicators. This doesn’t change for a self-employed business owner, or even for a politician. So learn techniques from the best communication skills training in Toronto and your capacity for success will be endless.

What to Expect from Communication Skills Training Courses

Effective communication skills are absolutely essential in business and in life. If you want to be successful in business, you need to be able to build relationships, and you can’t do that if you can’t communicate properly. And that’s why the best communication skills training in Toronto will bring such incredible benefits to your life and business.

Communication skills training courses will give you and your team the opportunity to learn and practice techniques for more assertive and effective communication. You will learn to express your ideas clearly and effectively, and gain confidence by actually using these skills. So when you encounter the situations in real life, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Kevin’s communication skills training courses are individualized. He designs each course to the needs and the business of his clients. But there are a number of elements he teaches that are common across all of his communication training courses. So when you work with him, you’ll learn:

  • The processes and components that underlie all communications.
  • The power of non-verbal communication and how to use it.
  • Why you need to understand communication styles and how to use them to connect with anyone.
  • The importance of listening and how to become an active listener.
  • How to recognize and take control of the universal principles that govern effective communication.
  • How communication is connected to personality and behavioral styles.
  • Practical, effective techniques for delivering your message in every situation and with every type of person.

Communication Skills Resources

If you’re looking for help immediately, there are a number of articles and blogs that can help. Some of the most useful include:

Communication Skills Training in Toronto

Kevin is available to come to your workplace or to one of the many top class event venues in Toronto. Some of the locations where you can learn from the best communication skills training in Toronto include:

  • The Carlu, Toronto
  • The One Eighty, Toronto.
  • Arcadian Court.
  • The CN Tower.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and is the country’s leader when it comes to business, finance and economics. It’s also a famously beautiful city, with many landmarks and sites that you should visit. Make sure you don’t miss the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Distillery District and the Mono Cliffs Provincial Park.

How to Get Started

So don’t wait too long. Because you have an amazing opportunity to invest in the best communication skills training in Toronto.

So contact Kevin today to take advantage of it. What have you got to lose?