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Judita Berkova is Yoga teacher, instructor and author.  But more so, as a friend, I the phrase “one in a million” is used loosely to indicate someone special. But to me, that phrase applies to Judita Berkova. She is, one in a million.

What’s undeniable is Judita’s radiance.

You feel different in her presence.

She’s authentic.

She has this Energy.

All Smiles. All Giggles.

I still don’t understand how we could be good friends, because we are so different.

Actually, we might be on the very opposite ends of the spectrum.

Judita Berkova enthusiasm for life, and what she does, is gorgeous on all fronts.

Her energy, laughter, passion and smile is second to none.

She shines like the sun.

And in her presence.

I, and many feel like it’s a beautiful summer day.

Which is why I thought I’m going to have Judita Berkova on the show, to hear, see and warm up to how the other half live.

Judita Berkova is a yogi. She is creator of the brand yoga life happy life.

And the first girl who practices yoga globally in a dress.

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