Best Motivational Keynote Speaker in Australia (2019)

Great news! The top motivational speaker in Australia is here to wow your audience and help you and your business achieve the success that you’re looking for. So whether you have an event at the Melbourne Town Hall or at the Eureka Tower in the Southbank precinct, Kevin can help make it a resounding success! If you’re ready to be inspired and motivated to achieve bigger and better things, then this is where you need to start.

Kevin Abdulrahman is here with a bold promise – he promises that he will turn your event into a resounding success and inspire greatness in you, your team, and in your business as a whole.
With nearly two decades of memorable keynote speeches behind him, Kevin Abdulrahman is the motivation and inspiration expert that you’ve been looking for.

The Benefits of a Great Motivational Speaker

When you want to promote a company or a person, one of the best strategies is to hold an event in their honor. This is one of the most effective PR promotions strategies out there.

So, what are your aims when you’re organizing a big event for your employees or potential clients? You’re looking to create a bond between the brand and the audience. You want to present a vision that people will resonate with and respond to.

And since you probably have a lot riding on this type of event, you need a talented speaker who can deliver your message with precision and impact. Voted 2017’s Best Motivational Keynote Speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman is the man you want on the stage. He will work with you to design a speech based on your vision, message, and audience. The kind of speech that highlights the best that your brand has to offer.

But aside from designing and delivering a memorable motivational speech, Kevin Abdulrahman can also help you become a brilliant public speaker yourself. So get inspired, get informed & get going!

Why is Motivation Important?

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the only way to succeed is to keep moving forward. You need to keep on hustling until the success you dream of becomes a reality. You need to master the art of self-motivation, to persevere even when others around you give up, and invest the time and energy to achieve your predetermined dreams.

As St. Jerome said, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.”

This means you need to be on a constant journey of growth in your personal life and in your business. If you want to succeed, you need to push forward and become better. This is true for individuals and for businesses. But it isn’t easy. It takes time, energy, and money that you don’t always have. For some people, this results in them giving up. Others refuse to do this. Instead, they work on constantly looking for ideas and ways to motivate themselves.

And one of the best ways to do that is to work with a motivational speaker who has been there and knows how to inspire you to get past your current level, no matter what that might be. So give yourself the chance to survive and thrive in today’s competitive markets with the help of the best motivational speaker in Australia.

How a Motivational Speaker will Help

A good speaker can do more than just entertain. Here are some of the benefits you will get from working with Kevin:

Little Push

Everyone needs some help sometimes to get over a hard time or to reach a new level of success. As a world renowned expert on motivation and inspiration, Kevin can give you that push.

Practical motivational tactics

Kevin stays up to date with the latest research on motivation and he uses his tactics in his own life. So when he teaches you how to inspire and motivate yourself outside of his speech, you can be sure that his ideas will work.

A conversational approach

There’s nothing worse then listening to a speaker who uses so much jargon and buzz words that they’re incomprehensible. But a good motivational speaker will cut through all that that and give you the truth, no holds barred.

Why Kevin?

Some of you might be wondering, what makes Kevin Abdulrahman the top motivational speaker in Australia.

For almost two decades Kevin has worked with Fortune 500, fast growth, and forward-thinking companies. Some of his clients include Westin, Mercedes-Benz, Oracle, Microsoft, FedEx, GM, and many more. So if his motivational strategies worked on this level, you know that they’ll work for you too.

As a published author, he has written books on various topics, from communication and public speaking to creativity and leadership. He uses all this expertise to inform his speeches, which means that his techniques are always up to date and relevant. And they work, guaranteed.
And finally, Kevin was recently named the #1 motivational keynote speaker in the world. You don’t get voted the best out of 1,300 brilliant speakers unless you deliver.

Are You Ready?

Australia is a big country, with a population that’s spread out all over the island. It consists of six states and two territories, each of which have their own attractions and culture. It also has some of the most multicultural and exciting cities in the world such as Sydney and Melbourne, and is a hub for business people and entrepreneurs in all fields.

Kevin is ready to help your business get to the next level in the following areas:

Western Australia Tasmania South Australia
Queensland Victoria Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales Northern Territory  

So if you’re ready to work with the top motivational speaker in Australia, contact Kevin today for more information. Whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, or even in the far western Perth, Kevin can make your event a resounding success.