Best Motivational Keynote Speaker in Qatar (2019)

Looking for a top motivational speaker in Qatar? Do you have a big event coming up and are in need of a keynote speaker to wow your audience? Kevin Abdulrahman is the motivational speaker to Fortune 500 companies and public speaking coach to thought leaders and CEOs. His passion for motivation has turned him into Qatar’s most sought-after speaker. So whether you work in West Bay or in the Qatar Financial Center, make sure you’re working with the motivation expert who not only claims to be the best, but also proves it!

But before we get to why Kevin Abdulrahman is the right choice, let’s talk about motivation and how it can change your lives forever.

Leading through Motivation

What makes a great leader? Is it confidence? Integrity? Authenticity? Soft skills? Does it boil down to one particular characteristic or is leadership a mix of various traits?

The essence of leadership lies in the ability to create a vision and cultivate it through motivation, and inspiration.

Plans and strategies do not lead people. They don’t follow a leader just because he’s there, in charge of the team. In fact, there are numerous times when a team’s formal and informal (real) leader are two different people.

So, what do people look for in a leader?

A recent study revealed that leaders who successfully motivate and inspire their team have one thing in common – charisma. In other words, inspiring people with presence and attitude seems to be the foundation of effective leadership.

Many think this mystical and ambiguous quality is something you’re born with. In reality, every one of us has the potential to become the charismatic leader people want to follow. You just need the right mentor. Someone who can help you master the ins and outs of charismatic leadership.

Fortunately, Kevin Abdulrahman is precisely the man who can help you out with this. Being the top motivational speaker in Qatar, this guy knows how to lead people through inspiration and motivation. He is the success expert top companies hire to help their employees get inspired, get informed & get going!

Getting your Message Out There

Every successful business has a story. Every entrepreneur or businessperson has a vision that he or she incorporates into their venture. Many experts believe that it’s not about the product or service, but the story behind it.

Take Nike for example. The multi-million-dollar sportswear brand has capitalized big time on the story of the underdog. They advertise to the common folk, the average Joe who aspires to become a great athlete.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin

Having a message is one thing; getting it out there is something else. This is where Kevin Abdulrahman comes into play, he can teach you you the best communication and public speaking tricks in the book.

If you want your message to be memorable, you have to communicate with impact. In other words, you have to convey your ideas in a way that captures people’s attention.

Delivering an impactful message is about streamlining communication. It’s a process that involves crafting a clear and powerful message and taking down any communication barrier that might stand between you and your potential clients.

As #1 motivational speaker in Qatar, Kevin Abdulrahman can give voice to your vision.

Why is Kevin Abdulrahman the #1 motivational speaker in Qatar?

Most of you are probably thinking, what makes this guy so special? Why is Kevin Abdulrahman the #1 motivational speaker in Qatar?

Well, to start with, Kevin is a motivational speaker with a proven record and decades of experience. As the winner of 2017’s Best Motivational Speaker award, Kevin has conclusively proven that motivation is indeed his biggest passion. During his 20-year career, Kevin has worked with CEOs, thought leaders, celebrities, royalty, government officials, and dignitaries from all over the world.
Before you decide to book his services for your grand event, take a moment to understand his perspective on motivation.

It’s about engaging, empowering, and evoking emotion

For Kevin Abdulrahman, getting people ‘pumped up’ and ready to achieve success is the ultimate goal. Whether it’s through motivational speaking or intensive training, your success is his top priority.

When he started in the motivational speaking business, his greatest dream was to become the man who would inspire millions to pursue greatness. And this has never changed. For almost 20 years, Kevin Abdulrahman has built a solid reputation in the motivational speaking and coaching business.
Companies like Bapco, EMAAR, Lokton, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft and many more call him to work with their people. From personal development and presentation skills to business and sales training, Kevin Abdulrahman’s services are guaranteed to bring top results.

Each and every one of his events is a display of pure inspiration. Each and every one of his speeches carries a powerful message. A message that will help you and your team get inspired get informed & get going!

Act Now to Work with the Best

Top results require the efforts of top experts. With your potential for greatness and Kevin Abdulrahman’s ability to inspire personal and professional growth, you can become the next innovator of our time.

So contact the top motivational speaker in Qatar and give your team the extra ‘push’ they need to achieve success.

Events in Qatar

Qatar is located in the Middle East and its capital is the exciting and progressive city Doha. This country is fast becoming world known, and in 2022 will play host to the FIFA World Cup! This is a sign that the country has made a place for itself on the world stage, and Qatar’s success in business only confirms that impression. It’s located along the North-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and shares borders with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Qatar has a high income economy because of its gas and oil reserves, and this has attracted a lot of expatriates. In fact, around 60 percent of Qatar’s population are expats, which is a good indication of the potential as well as the friendliness of this country.

So if you’re holding an event in Qatar, here are some conference facilities you should consider:

  • Qatar National Convention Center
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Banana Island Resort
  • La Cigale Hotel
  • Ritz Carlton, Doha
  • The Hilton, Doha
  • InterContinental, Doha
  • Doha Exhibition and Convention Center
  • Four Seasons Hotel, Doha
  • Kempinski Residences and Suites

So if you’re ready to move forward in your business in Qatar, get started in one of these locations with Kevin’s help today!