Best Motivational Keynote Speaker in Doha, Qatar (2019)

So, you have a big event coming up and you need the top motivational speaker in Doha. If you want to wow your audience, then you want the best of the best. Someone who has lots of experience in motivational speaking and a genuine passion for changing people’s lives. In that case, you definitely want Kevin Abdulrahman. 

If you’re planning a conference at the Intercontinent Doha, the Quatar National Convention Center in Education City, or at the Rennaisance Doha City Center, let Kevin motivate your audience to be their best!

Never heard of Kevin? Then be prepared to be amazed. Take 5 minutes to read this, and you will understand why Kevin Abdulrahman is the top motivational speaker in Doha.

The Importance of Motivation

Imagine your company is a puzzle. Hundreds (even thousands) of pieces, coming together to display a complete picture. But what holds the puzzle together? The answer is motivation.

Motivation is the glue that holds the puzzle from falling apart, thus keeping it whole for a long period. In other words, a top company needs a team of motivated leaders and employees that can push it towards new horizons and ensure that it survives. And a top company deserves nothing less than the top motivational speaker in Doha.

Some of you might ask, why is motivation such a big deal?

A recent study concluded that a leader’s style, qualities, knowledge, and skills have a huge impact on his team’s motivation and job satisfaction.

In a company, motivation, leadership and job satisfaction are three crucial variables that influence one another. In other words, a motivated leader knows how to build and sustain a motivated team of people who will enjoy their work and deliver outstanding results.

How the Top Motivational Speaker in Doha Can Help

So, what happens if we take motivation out of this formula? On the one hand, the leader has the tools to get the job done but lacks the means to inspire people. On the other hand, the team has the potential to deliver outstanding results but doesn’t feel like rising to its full potential.

That is where the best motivational speaker in Doha comes into play. He can help you and your team find the motivation to make it big in the competitive world of business.

But maybe that’s not enough for you!  If you want to be able to do more, to inspire your team to aim for the stars and pursue their dreams, then Kevin can help. He can teach you how to deliver a killer presentation, and how to become a public speaking guru. Whatever skills you need to inspire others, Kevin can help.

So if you’re ready to make a game-changing move, contact him by clicking here.

Why Work With Kevin?

Some of you are probably wondering “Have I really found the best of the best? What makes Kevin Abdulrahman the top motivational speaker in Doha?”.

As a power player in the “motivation” business for about 20 years, Kevin Abdulrahman is one of the few motivational speakers who have worked with celebrities, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, members of royal families, and serial entrepreneurs from all over the world.

He has delivered hundreds of inspiring speeches and spent countless hours in one-on-one sessions with high-end clients. This is why Kevin Abdulrahman is not just the best motivational speaker in Doha, but also the best in the world.

Thanks to the effort and dedication he put into his amazing work, plus his die-hard passion for making a lasting impact, Kevin Abdulrahman received the 2017’s Best Motivational Speaker award. So his skills have been recognized around the world.

The potential to motivate, inspire, and succeed is something that resides within each and every one of us.

Take for example Elon Musk, the South African-born entrepreneur, and investor who was behind products like Paypal and Tesla. He was neither a motivational speaker nor a celebrity. He was a man who created products that inspired millions of innovators, entrepreneurs, and tech geniuses from all across the globe.

The point is, everyone has the power to motivate and inspire the world (and themselves). You just have to discover the hidden potential that will fuel your success.

Why You Need the Best Motivation

We’re going to begin this part with a grim statistic. According to a paper on business success in the 21st century, “99.7% of the 28 million U.S. businesses are small businesses,” and 76% of them will fail within the first 5 years.

Although this study was conducted on U.S. businesses, you can see a relatively similar trend among businesses from other parts of the world as well.

Consequently, every entrepreneurial venture could use some motivation and inspiration. That is if you want to avoid ending up in the 76% of the businesses that fail. Every leader, entrepreneur, and, investor could use some input from a business coach and trainer who can help them turn ideas into results.

According to the same study mentioned before, companies and start-ups that manage to survive and thrive in this highly competitive business environment are characterized by:

  • Dynamic strategizing;
  • Adaptable financial capital management;
  • Market positioning and sales;
  • Human capital development;
  • Professional advisors;
  • Adaptation to change;
  • Behavioral assessments.

With that in mind, Kevin Abdulrahman is here to help you: develop flawless leadership and business strategies, craft a compelling sales campaign, and negotiate your way to success.

So Get Started

The world of business is harsh. Sometimes, even the most dedicated, passionate, and hard-working entrepreneurs can lose motivation or stumble into seemingly impossible obstacles. That’s why you need someone with a fresh perspective who can get your motivation juices flowing. Someone who can provide expert insights that will help you overcome whatever keeps your business from growing.
Give yourself a chance to shine and rise above the competition by hiring the best motivational speaker in Doha.

Contact Kevin today.

Events in Doha

Doha is the capital of Qatar, part of the Middle East. It’s the largest city in Qatar and is also its economic center. Doha is home to the largest oil and gas companies in the region such as Qatar Petroleum, RasGas and Qatargas. And in 2006, it played host for the largest Asian Games ever held. Doha has big plans for the future as well, and is setting itself up as a center for business, ideas and thought in the region.
That makes it a great place to hold events to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs and business giants. If you’re holding an event in the city, some of the following conference facilities could be right for you:

  • Wyndham Grand Regency Doha on Jawaan Street
  • La Cigale Hotel
  • W Doha Hotel and Residences
  • The St. Regis on Doha West Bay
  • Hilton Doha
  • Movenpick Tower Doha
  • Oryx Rotana
  • Kempinski Residences and Suites
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • InterContinental Doha off Al Wahda Road
  • Grand Hyatt

So motivate your team with an event at one of these amazing facilities today. And if you want to make it really special, work with the best motivational speaker in Doha, Kevin Abdulrahman.