Best Motivational Keynote Speaker in North America (2019)

So, who exactly is this motivational speaker in North America that everyone’s talking about? It’s Kevin Abdulrahman, the award-winning motivational speaker and business coach who has inspired millions and is now available for booking in North America. But hold on! Before you go ahead and press “Contact,” Kevin would like to share something with you. A message about the incredible power of motivation. A few lessons that will help you throughout your entire career in business. And of course, some insights about how personal growth leads to professional success. So whether you have an event at the One World Trade Center in New York, at the Scotia Plaza in Toronto, or at the Torre Mayor in Mexico City, let Kevin motivate you to even greater professional success.

To have a 100% clear idea of what Kevin Abdulrahman has to offer, take a moment to understand why motivation is so crucial. And get a clearer idea of how it will send your results and your team’s performance through the roof.

Motivating and Leading By Example

People love role models. They love iconic figures that embody their most precious values. Ever since childhood, we have been constantly encouraged to seek role models. We’ve been taught to follow in the footsteps of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and power players who’ve changed the world.
Just as our role models have inspired us to seek greatness so can we inspire change and progress in others.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

John C. Maxwell

Being a great leader is about being there for your team. It’s about “getting down in the trenches” and being an example that inspires others to pursue greatness.

Every employee enjoys working side by side with a dedicated leader. A leader who isn’t afraid to pull up his sleeves and do the hard work. A leader who motivates and inspires action.

What it Takes to Become a Great Leader

Ask any seasoned businessperson or leadership expert, and they’ll tell you that leading by example is one of the most effective strategies for boosting productivity and getting your employees more engaged.

Furthermore, a 2014 study suggests that great leaders have a history of role models and mentors who’ve inspired and helped them rise above expectations. To be more specific, the authors highlighted three essential elements that shape a person into a great leader.

  1. Childhood role models
  2. Career mentors
  3. Top managers

But to become great leaders who inspire by example, we need to learn how to inspire and motivate ourselves first. We need to discover who we are and what we want to achieve in life.
Allow the top motivational speaker in North America to shape you into the leader you’ve always wanted to be and become the person who inspires your team to do better.

Why Kevin’s the Top Motivational Speaker in North America

When business is booming, the need for motivational speakers is always on the rise. That’s because people need an extra push to help them beat the competition and score one success after another.
Through his inspiring speeches, Kevin Abdulrahman has established himself as a top motivational speaker in North America and other fast-growing economies.

Some of you might be wondering “Why Kevin Abdulrahman?” “What makes him the ideal speaker for my event?

Throughout his 20-year career as motivational speaker and business coach, Kevin Abdulrahman has scored one success after another.

Right from the beginning, his ultimate goal was to become the man who would inspire millions. He had an ongoing fascination for the intricacies of human motivation, and this became the driving force behind his successful career.

From top CEOs and serial entrepreneurs to governments, royal families, and celebrities, Kevin Abdulrahman has worked with some of the most influential people in the world. He has provided training and motivational speaking services to companies such as FedEx, Microsoft, Oracle, and Mercedes-Benz.

In 2017, his dedication and hard work were rewarded with the Best Motivational Speaker award. The BEST out of 1300 other brilliant speakers.

But the most fantastic thing about Kevin Abdulrahman is his passion for motivational speaking. A passion that has helped him change the lives of those who’ve participated in his events.
So when it comes to finding a great motivational speaker in North America, Kevin Abdulrahman is your ideal choice.

Let Kevin Know How He Can Help

Maybe you’re looking for something ‘fresh.’ A new way to motivate and inspire your team. Something (or someone) original that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your employees. If this is what you’re looking for, Kevin Abdulrahman is the answer.

Here are the countries where Kevin is available for booking:

CanadaGreenlandJamaicaSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesAntigua and Barbuda
United States of AmericaCosta RicaHaitiEl SalvadorGrenada
MexicoSaint LuciaGuatemalaBarbadosSaint Kitts and Nevis
CubaDominican RepublicNicaraguaDominica

You know you’re going to have an excellent event when the best motivational speaker in North America is there to awe your audience. So contact Kevin now for more information.