Best Motivational Keynote Speaker in USA (2019)

Looking for a top motivational speaker in the USA? Are you in need of a success expert who can not only wow your audience but also inspire change? Then you’re in luck! You just stumbled upon Kevin Abdulrahman, one of the USA’s top motivational speakers and the coach to executives, world leaders, power players, and presidents from all across the globe. So whether you have a conference at the One World Trade Building in New York, at the Willis Tower in Chicago, or at the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, let Kevin motivate you to be your best!

When the future of your business is on the line, you need someone who can deliver RESULTS. Someone who has the power to motivate you (and your team) to pursue greatness. Someone who has the know-how to help you acquire the skills you need to run a successful venture.

And that someone is Kevin Abdulrahman. Here are just a few ways he can help you and your team be your best.

A Memorable Event

Let’s say you have a big event coming up and you need a keynote speaker to deliver your message. You have a lot riding on this event, so you can’t risk hiring just any motivational speaker.
When your money, reputation, and professional future are on the line, you need the best of the best. You need someone with proven results who can guarantee a memorable event. You need an expert who can deliver inspiration, motivation, and knowledge in one unforgettable speech.

As a motivational speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman has delivered tens (if not hundreds) of inspirational talks over the last two decades. The passion, dedication, and hard work, he has put into motivational speaking have turned him into one of the most sought-after speakers in the world.
So when he stands up on that stage in front of your company, you can be sure that he’ll deliver.
But Kevin Abdulrahman doesn’t just want to deliver a memorable speech. He also wants to help you to become the kind of speaker that inspires others.

As a leader or entrepreneur, you need exceptional public speaking skills to motivate your team and sell your ideas. You need to know how to deliver your message with precision and impact.
There are thousands of forward-thinkers and visionaries out there. Thousands of people who wish to change the world with their groundbreaking ideas.

However, those who succeed in turning their ideas into results are the ones who know how to speak with passion and dedication. They are among the very few who manage to convince top players to invest in their venture.

So unleash the speaker in you, with the help of his public speaking and personal development services.

Personal Growth Through Motivational Speaking

Over the last decades, words like “personal development” and “personal growth” have been spreading across the Internet like wildfire.

Personal growth means investing in yourself so that you can cope with whatever life throws down your path. This fantastic process allows you to be proactive. Rather than waiting for good things to happen, you take charge of your life and push yourself toward success.

You may not always reach your goals. You may have to deal with failure from time to time. But you will experience a richer and much more satisfying life when you decide to fulfill your dreams.
But sometimes people need a push to go after their dreams, because so much can get in the way. Which is why successful people invest in their development and call on expert motivational speakers to provide guidance and motivation.
As Kevin puts it,

“The quality of your results is a direct reflection of the quality of your mind.”

Kevin Abdulrahman

So give yourself the chance to be inspired by the best motivational speaker in the USA.

Why Work With the Best Motivational Speaker in the USA?

Some of you are probably (still) wondering what makes Kevin Abdulrahman the top motivational speaker in the USA. Fortunately, the answer is simple:

Firstly, Kevin Abdulrahman received 2017’s Best Motivational Keynote Speaker award. He was voted the best out of nearly 1300 other brilliant motivational keynote speakers. This means that when you work with him, you really are working with the best.

Secondly, he is the author of several books on communication, business, public speaking, goal achievement, leadership, embracing change and success. His books and ideas have changed lives all over the world, so you can be sure that he knows his stuff.

Last but not least, Kevin Abdulrahman has worked with big names such as McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, FedEx, Oracle, and many more. And if they can trust him to supercharge their success, you know that he’ll do the same for you.

So contact Kevin today and witness the amazing power one man can bring to the stage.

Events in the USA

The United States of America (or USA) is located in North America. It’s a union of 50 states, each of which have their own style and culture, and is the third largest economy in the world. Known for decades as the ‘land of opportunity’, the USA has been the breeding ground for some of the most popular and successful companies and individuals in history. And today, the market is still open to anyone with a great idea and the drive to work to achieve big things.

So if you’re thinking of holding a motivational event in the USA, you’ll definitely find an audience who wants to be motivated with new ideas! Some great places to hold your event are as follows:

  • San Diego Convention Center
  • Anaheim Convention Center
  • The IBM Learning Center, New York
  • Broadway Studios, San Francisco
  • The Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building, Miami
  • Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas
  • 583 Park Avenue, New York
  • Midlothian Conference Center, Texas

So if you’re ready to get inspired and get moving, contact Kevin for your corporate event today.