Best Motivational Speaker in Southeast Asia | Top Keynote Speaker

Best Motivational Speaker in Southeast Asia | Top Keynote Speaker

I know what most of you might be thinking right now. What is it about Kevin Abdulrahman that makes him the best motivational speaker in Southeast Asia?

Throughout his 20-year career as a motivational speaker and business coach, Kevin Abdulrahman has inspired countless leaders and entrepreneurs. In fact, ever since he started delivering motivational speeches, his dream was to become The Man Inspiring Millions.

And he achieved all this just by using two crucial elements: his knowledge and his words.

That’s right! All you need to make an impact is knowledge and a carefully chosen set of words to deliver a powerful message. Through Kevin Abdulrahman’s intensive coaching sessions, anyone can become a top seller, tough negotiator and inspirational leader.

But before we get to why Kevin Abdulrahman is the best motivational speaker in Southeast Asia, let’s talk about the incredible power of words.

The power of words

Language – one of the fundamental traits that put humans at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Nowadays, conveying thoughts, emotions, and ideas through words is as simple and essential as breathing.

One of the most fundamental components of our language is the word. But words are not just random combinations of sounds that come out of our mouth. They’re much more than that.

Everything we say has a meaning. Every word we use has the power to inspire and generate change. Whatever you say to someone will have a certain effect on that person. Humans are continually designing and redesigning their world through the incredible power of words. Whether it’s used to build or destroy, language is a reflection of our inner selves.

“Meow” means “woof” in cat.”

-George Carlin

Although this quote might sound ridiculous, it does reveal something interesting about human language. To be more specific, human language is dynamic and “playful.” We can adapt it to our every need and use it to express even the most insane and complicated ideas.

Being the best motivational speaker in Southeast Asia, Kevin Abdulrahman is an expert in using words to elicit powerful emotions. His insightful speeches have inspired millions to pursue their passions and achieve greatness.

When times are tough, inspirational communication is what helps you stay on a winning streak

Allow me to run a not-so-impossible scenario by you. Due to fierce competition, your company is barely keeping up with other market players. From top management to employees, the situation looks grim for everyone.

Suppose you’re in charge of a sales team. How would you approach the situation? Would you rather play it safe and try to distance yourself from the competition or become more ‘aggressive’?

A recently published paper suggests that when times are tough, promotion-oriented communication is the best possible strategy. After conducting three separate studies, the authors reached some interesting conclusions.

  1. Presidents who focus on promotion-oriented communication enjoy a lot of popularity.
  2. Leaders who focus on promotion-oriented communication succeed in motivating their team.

In a nutshell, when times are tough, you need to adopt a promotion-oriented style of communication.

Some of you might be thinking, what if I’m not up for the task?

Then it’s time for you to master the art of communication, sharpen your presentation skills and become a promotion-oriented leader! And you can achieve all this with the help of Kevin Abdulrahman, the top motivational speaker in Southeast Asia.

Big words for big profits

The world of sales is full of myths about what brings success. Many experts claim they’ve found the recipe for guaranteed sales. While some of them are indeed top sellers, others might not be as successful as they claim to be. The real question is – How do we know who to trust?

For starters, let’s see what researchers have to say about this.

One study suggests that we can predict sales just by looking at the language used to describe a product. After, going through 90.000+ product descriptions, the authors discovered some highly effective language tricks.

  1. Appealing to authority
  2. Being polite, even when you receive negative comments.
  3. Using informative and seasonal language.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. With the help of Kevin Abdulrahman, you can master all the language tricks that top sellers use to promote their products.

From writing a killer product description to maintaining your composure when facing the media, the best motivational speaker in Southeast Asia will give you all the tools you need to shine brightly in the competitive world of business.

You don’t have to hire expensive PR firms or sales gurus. All you need is up-to-date sales strategies and language tricks that will turn ordinary into extraordinary. And with the help of Kevin Abdulrahman, you can create a product/service that sells itself.

Master the science of words from the best motivational speaker in Southeast Asia

Let’s start by answering the question that’s on everyone’s mind right now. “Why is Kevin Abdulrahman the ideal choice?” “What recommends him as an expert in communication and motivational speaking?”

First of all, Kevin Abdulrahman has coached celebrities, governments, royal families, and successful entrepreneurs from all around the world. You don’t get to have such an exclusive client portfolio by being average.

Second, he is trusted by leading companies such as Airarabia, Oracle, Johnson-Johnson, Bapco, and many more.

Third, he was voted 2017’s Best Motivational Speaker out of 1300 world-renowned speakers.

Whether you’re looking for a top speaker who can get up there and inspire your audience or a coach to help you turn your business into a resounding success, Kevin Abdulrahman is your ideal choice.

Here are the countries where Kevin is available for booking:

  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Cambodia
  • East Timor
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Get in touch with the best motivational speaker in Southeast Asia and be prepared for a memorable speech.

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