Presentation Skills

30 Million Presentations a day.  The majority, suck.

Somebody, somewhere, is getting tortured because of a bad presentation as we speak.

Let’s hope it’s not yours.

Delivering presentations is an inescapable reality.

Professionals, veterans or amateurs, old or young, working in the public or private sector, face numerous challenges when it comes to delivering effective presentations.  It is a known fact that many feel the anxiety and uneasiness when it comes to presenting.  Some show it, many don’t. But if given the option, most would try and get out of presenting.

For those who have the confidence to present, more often than not, they lack the skills to be effective.  Only because you are brave to walk into the kitchen doesn’t mean that you can cook a tasty dish.  Presenting with power requires the combination of mastering the inner game and outer game.  It requires skills. It requires finesse.  An art that can only be appreciated through knowing that you got it right, and the result.

The only outcome acceptable when delivering a presentation is the intended outcome.



Like it or not, everyone is required to stand up and speak.

Like it or not, there are issues. Real life issues that you and your people face.

Today, you are presenting to an audience that has a ‘close to zero’ attention span.  Their demands are higher than ever. And if that wasn’t enough, you have competition breathing down your neck.

One way or another, you are required to present your thoughts, ideas, product, service and brand.

You may be seeking a sale, an investment, support, expertise, resources, backing, buy-in or just educating and positioning yourself as the natural go-to expert.

Whatever the case, one thing is clear- there is no room for second place.  No room for second chances and lost opportunities.

You either win the prize that you came for, or you go home empty handed.

If you are reading this, I’m betting that you have experienced empty handedness.  I also understand that that’s not where you want to be.

Read on.

The difference between success and failure is a razor’s edge.

This razor edge is what separates successful people from the rest.

The razor edge is their ability to present with power

Your audience make a judgement within moments of you delivering your presentation.  They will either like or dislike you. They will either listen to you or think about what to have for dinner. They are with you or against you.  They will either remember or forget you.

How’s that for a reality check.

Brutal? But it’s the truth.

Every presentation is an opportunity (it might not feel like it right now, but by the time we are done, you will be eager to present)

You can present with purpose. You can present with power.

Your presentation can impact, influence, inform or inspire.

Or, it can do it all.

Delivering powerful presentations has many elements that must be worked on.

But just for a moment, imagine being able to prepare with a clear mind?

Imagine having a formula to help you know what to include? And even more crucial, what not to include?

Imagine having an effective structure so that your information makes sense?

Imagine coming across as a cool and calm presenter?

Imagine handling all potential situations with complete comfort, command and confidence?

Imagine being viewed as a powerful presenter?  And even better, actually, feeling like one?

Let’s help you present to win more deals, boost revenue, get funding for your prototype, get the buy-in of your peers and superiors, acquire the approval of board members, and heck just become so damn good that no one can ever so no to you.  How about that?

Your presentation skills today may be sore.

Let’s work together.  I will make sure you soar.


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