Communication Coaching

(The breakthrough your organization is missing)

Available in the following regions: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australasia 

In the following, I am going to breakdown how you can have the competitive edge you and your organization need to operate at a higher level.

Let’s say I told you there was an opportunity to save your company or organization $62.4 million per year, would you take it?

According to David Grossman’s in-depth report (including 400 companies with 100,000 employees each), this is how much the average company loses because of poor communication.

My executive communication coaching system is designed specifically to help you address this gap.

How do we do this?

Together, we address your unique problems using my step-by-step process and work with your strengths to get you to your most profitable and effective.

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The Coaching Process

Starting from Square One

Whether you’re a CEO, another high-level executive, a founder, or an enterprise-level salesperson, we always start off our communication coaching sessions by sitting down together to evaluate where your communication skills are at now.

Why is this necessary?

Imagine starting out a race but not knowing where the track is. You might know where the finish line is, but if you don’t understand the path it takes to get there, your process may be slow and riddled with unforeseen road-blocks.

Together we first identify strengths and weaknesses you may be aware of. Then, I do some investigation to better understand communication deficits and assets you may not have noticed.

This sets you up to get the very most out of our time together.

Then it is time to start developing a targeted approach.

Teaching Communication Techniques (Specific to Your Industry and Style)

When we work together during our coaching sessions, I help you clarify your goals and determine what specific adjustments will be made to your day-to-day communication and plan out how organization-wide communication will be improved.

What does this mean, specifically?

We will pinpoint different communication styles for different situations.

This often includes polishing your media skills, teaching you how to deliver engaging public speeches, and improving communication habits within internal meetings.

But we don’t stop there.

Let Good Communication Enhance Every Area of your Organization

When I work with you and your team, we use specific situations (like a board-meeting or email-communique) to get you accustomed to implementing universal good communication techniques.

Sessions cover the overarching principles that are guaranteed to advance you as a successful communicator, no matter the audience or subject.

So, what specifically will you learn?

I will teach you specific phrases and verbal techniques that reduce miscommunication and generate respect; train you how to verbally position yourself as a positive authority figure; work with you to improve your body language and increase confidence; and we will go over industry specific good-practices.

For years I have watched these fundamental communication principles transform companies (and even personal lives). I know they work.

Let me tell you why.

Everyone Needs a Coach

The principles I teach you, work because I give you objective insight into your communication style and help you learn to be better in ways you would not have seen on your own. Using a time-tested system, I integrate the most advanced communication strategies into a personalized plan of action.

Just like an athletic coach, a good communication coach guides clients to tap into their unseen potential to achieve their communication goals.

Why do the best of the best still need coaching?

Even the greatest athletes in the world need coaches. As your coach, I act as a key member of your support network by lending an impartial eye and expertise to steadily guide your players to where they need to be.

I’ve guided a wealth of influential leaders to more effective communication. Executive coaching works, and their companies and constituents have reaped the benefits tenfold.

Set up a call with my team today to learn how to start your own coaching sessions and achieve greatness and inhance your organization.