Many organizations have bosses; few have leaders. Unfortunately, leadership has in many cases been reduced to nothing but a corporate buzzword. Let’s take the meaning of the word back. My leadership training will transform your team into the confident, charismatic, and respected leaders they have the potential to be. Your productivity will skyrocket, and what was once impossible will seem possible.

You’ve probably worked under a boss at some point in your life. You might even be working for a boss right now. That’s normal; most people work for many bosses throughout their careers. Billions of people on this planet are working for some sort of boss right now.

Yet out of those billions, how many of them are working for a leader?

That answer is probably very few; a tiny percentage at best.

What Makes a Great Leader?

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t!”

-Margaret Thatcher

When people think of great leaders, they think of people who have:

  • Confidence – Leaders have it. In fact, they exude it.
  • Charisma – People gravitate to them; oh so naturally.
  • Influence – They have an unbelievable ability to get people to move mountains.  While it’s a nightmare for most, to great leaders, swaying people is effortless.
  • Respect – 100%. The best leaders aren’t in the business of being loved, but they damn sure are respected.
  • Support – People do more for them in their absence than in their presence.  Great leaders have devotees with unquestionable loyalty. Die-hard fans.
  • Presence – Evident.
  • Power – You bet. They have an aura about them. Not a single word needs to be said.  But everyone can feel it.

Just reading that list can be intimidating. So intimidating in fact, that many people resign themselves to the comforting thought that great leaders are just ‘born that way’.

But imagine, for just a second, how strong your team would be if everyone on it had all the characteristics above, or even a fraction of them. How much more could they accomplish? What limits would they overcome?

How Can You Become a Great Leader?

Let me tell you the truth. Leadership is a choice. It’s not something you’re born with; the day you become a leader is the moment you decide to be one. The leadership journey doesn’t begin from the time you’re put in charge of a division, when you cross the five year mark with a company, or when the title of “Chief” is bestowed upon you.

It begins with you making the choice to be a leader.

Does that sound too easy? Don’t get confused; it’s simple, but it’s far from easy. In fact, it may be one of the hardest things you could ever accomplish.

Deciding to be a leader is the first and most important step in your leadership journey. Only you can take that step; only you can make the choice to take that step by doing leadership training.

But what about the other steps in the journey? What about questions like:

How can you lead in the environment today? What leadership style actually works? How do you motivate a generation that is used to having everything they need? Can you influence them to your way of thinking? How can you get everyone’s buy-in for a vision when most people jump ship before holding a job for two years? Do you know how to build a tribe? How do you get loyalty?  What will make others see and respect you as a leader?

These are real questions and challenges faced by professionals from every sector of the workforce. Whoever you are, whichever your industry, whatever you do, a great leader must understand the nature of today’s beast.

Leadership Training: Let Me Help You Become a Great Leader

You must take the first step alone. But I can help you with all the rest. For nearly twenty years, I have coached people ranging from fresh executives to CEOs and royalty. People who were just starting out to people who were already considered leaders.

I’ve helped them all. And I guarantee that I can help you and your team too. Remember, leaders are not bosses; a leader recognizes their place within the organization and works to achieve the overarching goal, even if it means taking orders.

A team of leaders is a team of winners.

Let me turn your team into winners with leadership training that works. Contact me today to find out how.

2018, by Kevin Abdulrahman International