Media Skills

Media Skills

The media can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and preparation is the key to ensuring that the media stays on your side. Yet many companies are stuck in a cycle of permanent damage control because they don’t do effective media training. Don’t let this happen to you. I will teach you how to structure a comprehensive media communications strategy that will have your people ready for anything and everything.

“When a reporter sits down at the typewriter, he’s nobody’s friend.”

-Theodore White

There’s no avoiding the media. Every group or brand faces the media. Some sooner than others, some more often than others.

Get it right, and the media can be your most powerful ally.

Get it wrong, and they can be your worst enemy.

The media is an unforgiving machine. You must understand that every time you or a spokesperson faces the press, your brand and everything you have built is on the line.

Prevention, Not Cure

Most companies go for the cure, instead of the prevention. When they screw up in front of the media, they rush into damage control mode, hiring expensive PR firms who are all too happy to exploit the situation.

That is not the answer. Media training is not something you do when the need arises; by then, it’s already too late.

Smart companies prepare, strategize, and train long before the need arises. And they don’t just get ready, they stay ready.

Preparation is Everything

Facing the media without adequate training is like entering a professional cage fight just because you used to wrestle your friends in your backyard.

It’s a losing strategy. The only way to win is through careful and thorough preparation.

Are you and your team prepared?

Could you do a radio or TV interview and present your brand in the best light?

Are you prepared to face a journalist for a prominent piece in a magazine and get a favorable write-up?

Is your team prepared to effectively take on the new, more engaging media platforms of YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and podcasts?

Are you prepared to craft a powerful narrative for your brand?

Let Me Give You and Your Team the Necessary Training

I’ve worked with hundreds of policy makers, politicians, government ministers, celebrities, dignitaries, chairmen, thought leaders, presidents, and royalty.

From bunkers to boardrooms, personal planes to private palaces, I’ve worked with some of the most powerful players and groups in the world, helping them plan, strategize, and effectively execute their media communications.

They call me because they know that I deliver results. They tell me the situation, what they want, how much time they have, and I get to work.

Do you need:

  • A 360-degree full ‘ready for anything’ media planning, strategizing, and execution package?
  • Help with planning and executing your communication strategy?
  • Confidential and boutique one-on-one media coaching for leaders?
  • Media training courses customized for your senior executives?
  • In-house media training seminars for strategic communication to journalists?
  • Media training workshops for crisis or reputation management?
  • Help facing a crisis and making a statement?

Whatever the situation is, my promise is the same; guaranteed results. Giving you a plan, teaching you the skills and practicing with you until you deliver an A+ result is what I do.

Invest Before You Need It, Not After

Your spokespersons are the face of your brand. They need to be calm, confident, sharp and on point.

From investor communication to handling difficult media questions, your spokespersons need to be ready before they are required to do so.

Media training is an investment, and might be one of the most valuable investments your company can ever make.

Invest in your future. Invest in being ready.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Contact me today and let me teach you how to turn each media interview into a massive opportunity.

2018, by Kevin Abdulrahman International