Most people go into a negotiation totally unprepared and emerge with less than favorable outcomes. Let’s change that. My negotiation training will show you the fundamental process that goes on behind every negotiation. And once you understand the fundamentals, you can better determine the outcome. I guarantee it.

Do you consider yourself a good negotiator? Do you have the skills to get the best deal out of any situation? The skills to make sure that your interests and needs are met?

Many people hate negotiating. They consider it stressful, painful, and try to avoid it as much as possible.

But by avoiding negotiations, you end up shortchanging yourself. You’re literally leaving money on the table.

It could be something as simple as getting a 10% higher salary at your new job, or it could be millions of dollars from the sale of your business, or some other deal.

Don’t Avoid It, Dominate It!

The fact that most people hate negotiating is an opportunity for you.

It means that most people are not improving their negotiating skills.

It means that if you can learn how to dominate any negotiation you will have an advantage over your competition.

What Good Negotiation Training Will Do For You

Once you learn how to become an effective negotiator, you will:

  • Gain the respect of others.
  • Improve your bottom line.
  • Increase your confidence during business deals and daily life.
  • Be able to create win-win scenarios for all parties involved.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Yet, most people are absolutely clueless on how to improve their negotiation skills, even if they want to.

Here’s how I can help you.

I Will Show You the Process behind Every Negotiation

Most people stumble their way through negotiations, never fully understanding what’s really going on.

They don’t understand that ‘behind the scenes’ of every negotiation, there is an underlying and fundamental process that most people are completely unaware about.

You will learn that process.

You will learn the fundamentals behind every negotiation.

Through the training, you will learn how to identify the positions, interests, and needs of all the parties involved.

You will understand the various stages of a negotiation, and what you should be doing at each stage.

And more importantly, you will learn how to use all of this information to your advantage.

I Will Teach You a Complete System for Every Negotiation

Over the years, I have developed my own personalized system that I use for every negotiation I have ever been in.

It has served me well throughout my nearly 20 year career; after all I am just as much an entrepreneur as I am a motivational and leadership speaker.

So negotiation skills are an absolute necessity for me.

Let me teach you the system I use for every negotiation I enter. I’ve taught this system to business professionals, CEOs, and politicians; all of them big time decision makers.

It doesn’t matter what kind of negotiation it is; my system is based on the fundamental processes that work behind every negotiation. You can adapt it for your own needs.

You Will Get Results

If you put in the necessary work, results are guaranteed. Not just promised, but guaranteed. That’s how confident I am in my negotiation training and the system I’ve developed.

So do you want to become the most effective negotiator you can be? To be the ‘go to’ guy that everybody looks to when there’s a difficult deal coming up?

Work with me, and let me work with you.

2018, by Kevin Abdulrahman International