Hold Onto the Real Things in Life, Even When You’re Busy

Success, money, climbing the corporate ladder, they’re part of a common dream. Why do you desire them? For your family? For future stability? Just Because? Although there’s nothing wrong with chasing success and following your ambitions, it’s critical that you don’t lose yourself to the beast and end up more miserable than when you began. You’ve seen the type, perhaps: the father who can’t make it to any of his son’s games because he can’t turn off work mode, the woman who’s not able to make it to see her mother pass on because she’s got something more important to do.

If you become selfish as you pursue your endeavors, then you’ve lost the most important thing about yourself: your heart. Without your heart, you can’t feel contented, and if you can’t feel contented – what was the point?

Of course, your dreams and business goals are an important part of you, but they are just that: a part. So, don’t forget the whole. Here are some reminders and tips to help you hold true to your heart and ideals during all of your journeys.

Holding On To Family And Friends

Wealth, power, and fame are great, but they don’t complete a person. Often, when someone achieves any of these things, friends come out of the wood work to try and get a taste of the glory too. That’s why it’s so important that you hold tight to the people who were there before success; they are the ones who have stuck by you, the people you can trust to stand with you no matter what.

If you fail, these friends and family won’t abandon you, but you might not be able to say the same about your business associates, recent friends, etc. Besides, what’s the point in success, if you only feel lonely at the end.

Don’t selfishly toss the people you love to the curb just because you’re, “busy.” These are the people who helped make you who you are. You could even say they’re in part responsible for your success.

Appreciate What You Have in Life

No matter where you are in life or how successful you are, there will always be things in life that you want and don’t have. Don’t spend all of your time pining over these things. Practice deep appreciations for the gifts you already have in life. Also remember that the best things in life, like a beautiful sunset, or the sound of rain, are free.

Give Some of Yourself To Something Worthwhile

I’m not saying that what you’re doing right now isn’t worthwhile. Some business endeavors, in fact, have a great positive impact on those around them. But sometimes, the goal turns selfish in the pursuit of wealth. So, keep yourself in check; always ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” and, “Is this something that is giving back?” If you feel like you could be doing something more meaningful, then nudge yourself in the right direction; charity work or community projects are some examples of things you may devote some of your time to. Capitalism allows for a free market and great opportunities, true, but in our society, it also nourishes selfishness. Don’t be one of the selfish. Be one of the selfless.

How to Not Let Business Become Your End-All

One day, you’ll be on your death bed; everyone will be. Get over it. What will business and success mean to you then? You can’t bring it with you. All too often, older people or people on their death bed have regrets. Many of these regrets have to do with being too absorbed with work and forgetting to live and love, or not doing anything truly meaningful. Here are some things to remember.

How To Achieve Success Without Being Selfish Infographic


A.   Give Yourself Mental Space Away From Work

Do something daily that you enjoy to get your head out of the work cloud. Remind yourself that work isn’t all there is in life. Some things you might try are:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Daily Exercise
  • Recreational Reading
  • Journaling
  • Painting
  • Music

B.    Don’t Just Talk About Work

When you’re out with friends or family, try to avoid talking about nothing but work. They’ll get tired of it and it’ll deepen your obsession with your work life. That’s no way to spend time off and no way to treat the people you love. So, shut up, watch the movie, and enjoy!

C.    No-Cell Time

One more thing. When you’re out for dinner time or movie time, silence your cell phone and swear on everything holy that you won’t take it out until you’re done. Give yourself and your loved ones a break from the constant distractions a phone brings. People at the theater will appreciate it too!

Final Thoughts on Success and Selfishness

Don’t let following your ambitions make you miss out on the simpler, sweeter things in life. Whatever you’re doing that’s important to you, keep doing it! Just don’t let selfishness get in the way of your family, friends, or your heart.

About the author

Kevin Abdulrahman

Motivational Speaker to Fortune 500 Companies and Public Speaking Coach to thought leaders and CEOs.


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