Best Motivational Keynote Speaker in Tokyo, Japan (2019)

Looking for the top motivational speaker in Tokyo? Well, Look no further! You’ve finally found a keynote speaker who can wow your audience and turn your event into a massive success. You’ve found the motivation expert who will help you achieve your biggest dreams. 

Kevin Abdulrahman is the motivational speaker for Fortune 500, fast growth, and forward-thinking companies. So whether you’re organizing an event at Tokyo Big Sight, at the Tokyo International Forum, or at the New Otani Inn, Kevin can help you make it a resounding success.

With nearly twenty years of experience in this field, he’s the expert that presidents, senior executives, politicians, and power players from all around the world call on. And after working with him, you’ll understand why.

The Transformational Power of His Speeches

Motivation is the key to your success. Only through motivation you can get out of the comfort zone, overcome your limits, and persevere until you achieve your goals.

There are many sources of motivation. Some get motivated by reading stories of successful people, others do development exercises or take part in challenges. And there are also those who draw inspiration from listening to a motivational speech.

It’s hard to imagine how one man can inspire and motivate an entire crowd.

But it’s possible!

And there are lots of people who’ve managed to deliver powerful messages that, to this day, are a source of motivation and inspiration.

Take Steve Jobs’s speech at Stanford University in 2005 for example. It’s one of the most exciting and well-known speeches delivered by the father of innovation. During the 15-minute speech, Steve Jobs tells three stories about connecting the dots, love and loss, and death. Three profound stories that have inspired countless entrepreneurs, dreamers, and visionaries.

It is the kind of speech filled with quotes and messages that will inspire you and make you think: If he succeeded, so can I.

When you have a lot riding on one major event, you need a talented speaker who ca guarantee top results.

And that’s why Kevin’s motivational speaking services come with a money-back guarantee. That way you can be absolutely sure that you’ll get more than your money’s worth from his performance. And what else would you expect from the best motivational speaker in Tokyo?

Master the Skills To Achieve Insane Success

If you want to be successful in your personal and professional life, you need to get active. In other words, you need to take on tasks and put in some hard work to achieve measurable results.

But to get things done, you need to develop specific skills. And there are lots of skills today’s entrepreneurs and business persons need to invest in.

For example, sales skills are essential when you want to turn your product/service into serious cash. But they matter just as much when you want to be more convincing in everyday life.

Another relevant example is negotiation. If you develop your negotiation skills, you will be able to improve your relationships with the people around you. The success or failure of your endeavors depends significantly on the relationships you manage to forge with other professionals.

Other skills that can guarantee top results are business, leadership, communication, and presentation.

In a recent paper published in the Journal of Management and Sustainability, the authors highlight the role of knowledge management in employees’ development of specialized skills. More specifically, the four components that facilitate skill acquisition are knowledge creation, knowledge storage, knowledge application, and knowledge sharing.

In short, the recipe for skill mastery is: create –> store –> apply –> share.

And with the help of a success expert like Kevin Abdulrahman, you can master all the skills you need to achieve top results.

If you’re looking to achieve success, start by investing in your skillset first.

Why is Kevin the Top Motivational Speaker in Tokyo?

Most of you are probably wondering what makes Kevin the top motivational speaker in Japan. And that’s an easy question to answer.

In 2017, the name Kevin Abdulrahman topped the list of inspirational speakers after he was voted Best Motivational Keynote Speaker out of 1.300 world-class speakers. This means that you really are working with the best when you work with him, so you can relax and just learn from the performance.

Over the years, hehas worked with top brands from across the globe. FedEx, Bapco, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, and Oracle are just some of the companies that Kevin Abdulrahman has consulted with. And if he can inspire these companies to do better, he can inspire and teach yours too.

Finally, he’s been featured in top magazines such as Entrepreneur, Esquire, and Forbes. And the reason he was able to work with these publication was because his techniques are backed by science and incredibly effective. Otherwise, he would never be able to get this kind of attention. So when you work with him, you know you’re getting the best motivational tips and tricks.

So Don’t Delay

If you’re ready to move forward in your career, to inspire your company to reach for the stars, then you need to work with the best motivational speaker in Tokyo. So contact Kevin today for more details.

Events in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and it’s also the largest city in the world by population, with around 35 million people living in Greater Tokyo. The city is a leading international financial center and home to corporations such as Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. But it isn’t just business either. Tokyo recently won the honor of hosting the Summer Olympics in 2020, and the city promises to put on a show that few people will forget.

If you visit Tokyo for a conference, like the millions of people who do so annually, there will be a lot for you to see. Some of the most popular sites are from Japanese history and include the Imperial Palace, the Imperial East Gardens, the Koishikawa Korakuen and the Hama Rikyu. However, Tokyo is also an almost futuristic city, with sites such as the Tokyo Skytree paying homage to its focus on the future and development. And if you like to eat, the food in Tokyo is probably the best in the world, with every cuisine you can imagine available. In fact, no matter how long you stay, there will always be more to do in this amazing city.

So if you’re organizing a conference, Tokyo is the perfect city for it. And it also has a number of specially appointed conference facilities, so you’ll definitely find one that suits your needs. Some of the most popular are:

  • Tokyo International Forum
  • Hilton Tokyo Hotel on 6 Chome-6-2 Nishishinjuku
  • Tokyo Trade Center
  • Tokyo Big Sight
  • New Otani Inn Tokyo on 1-6-2 Osaki
  • Cerulean Tower Tokyo Hotel on 26-26-1 Sakuragaokacho

If you’re ready to get inspired, contact the best motivational speaker in Tokyo today. And let Kevin help you achieve a new level of professional success.