Present With Confidence
Speak To Impact
Communicate Like A Commanding Leader

World leaders seek Kevin’s help. And for good reason. He delivers results! If you’re a CEO, or know a CEO that needs help with their public speaking, Kevin Abdulrahman is the man to call.
Nour Al Hassan
Chief Executive Officer of Tarjama


Two words that cause leaders and professionals so much:


It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do.
It doesn’t matter how old, or how experienced you are.
It doesn’t matter how smart, talented, knowledgeable or capable you are.

We live in a competitive world.
It’s a jungle out there.
Today’s competitive advantage.
Your competitive advantage- is your communication skills – Your ability to present with power and speak to impact.

Just Imagine.
Two people with the same qualifications.
With the same skills
With the same level of talent
The same experience
One knows how to communicate far more effectively than the other.

Who DO YOU think gets ahead?

I don’t need to tell you this.
You’re smart.
You know it.
You’ve seen it.

Those that present with power.
Those who know how to command attention in a room.
The who stand up and speak with impact.
They are the ones who get the promotions

They are the ones who make partner.
They are the ones who are remembered in a sea of forgotten faces.
They are the ones that stand out, who rise above the rest, who beat their competition.

In case you’re wondering who I am?

My name is Kevin Abdulrahman.

A motivational speaker who speaks all around the world, to audiences of 10,000+ people.

I’m the go-to public speaking coach trusted by many CEOs, world leaders and presidents.

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I'm proud to offer you this exclusive online course.

What you will learn is a proven process that will help you present yourself, your thoughts and your ideas with clarity and confidence. You will learn how to speak to influence, inspire and impact. You will learn how to communicate like a charismatic and commanding leader.

What I Teach Works

It works for me as a speaker

It works for my clients

It will work for you

Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don't see a change in your public speaking, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Public Speaking Can't Be Faked

Learn to present with power. To any audience. Any where. At Any time.

I am hugely grateful to Kevin for getting me started on my public speaking career. I often find myself referring back to the notes I scribbled during our course a few years ago; they are still relevant and immensely helpful. Thank you, Kevin, for teaching me fundamentals. Now I’m in that never-ending, always-improving (and always exhausting!) phase of “practice, practice, practice”.​
Rana Nawas
Host of iTunes' #1 podcast in the Middle East – When Women Win

Invest In Your Future

Remember, we don’t live in a rosey world. It’s a competitive world. Beat The Competition. Develop your public speaking skills.


You are getting what my clients pay $15,000-$20,000 for

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google “Kevin Abdulrahman”.  You will see that I am a motivational speaker who commands close to six figures to deliver a 45-minute keynote speech.  I get hired for my ability to present my thoughts and speak with impact to audience’s of to 10,000 + people at any given time.   I don’t speak to just inform. I speak to inspire, influence and impact.

When I am not delivering keynote speeches around the world, I am the trusted adviser and public speaking coach to CEOs, world leaders and presidents.  People who are powerful, have infinite resources and can hire anyone they choose to.

They choose me.

And they do so, because I am known as the guy who gets results.

What I teach works.

It works for me as an international keynote speaker.

It works for my clients.

And, it will work for you.

Ps. I am not good at plenty of things in life.  In fact, speak to my family and they will tell you to ‘never ask Kevin to do anything around the home’.  But what I am good at, and what thousands of my clients will tell you I’m good at is public speaking.

Most of our clients are professionals and leaders in their fields. They have read the books and attended many presentation, public speaking and communication workshops. 

Yet the reality remained, when they needed to present or stand up and speak, they lacked the skill and confidence to craft a powerful message, engage their audience, and deliver their message with precision and impact.

Perhaps it’s the reason you are here today.  

The chances are, you’re expected to present, or you are obligated to stand up and speak, and there is something that is bothering you, on the inside. 

You are not jumping for joy.

You are not excited about it.

And frankly, you realize that you lack that unmistakable confidence and more importantly, the skills, to present yourself and your thoughts with clarity and confidence.  You know that there are holes in your ability to speak, because you don’t want to just inform, you want to influence, inspire and impact.

That’s why you are are.

And that’s why clients like yourself have invested in this course, because it’s complete. More importantly, I share a proven process that once you learn and follow, will give you both the confidence and skills to present with power and speak to impact.

Absolutely. In fact, there is a video inside the course that speaks about this “Run your race at your pace”. I have developed this course in a way that makes sense. You will notice that the videos are short, and each with a single message. The great thing about the online course is that you can revisit any video, or segment or the entire course as many times as you need. You can go through the course at your pace, as long as you follow my proven process, and as long as you do the work, you will see a remarkable difference.

This course isn’t about certificates. What you will get is far more valuable that any
certificate. What you will get by following my proven process is hard results.

If you are serious about investing in yourself and developing your public speaking skills, but have a question or two that want answered, feel free to shoot us a message through the contact tab.


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