I'm Damn Good at Transforming Leaders Into Powerful Storytellers and Communicators

I’ll help you unlock your voice to empower you to influence and persuade your constituents. My proven methodology enhances executive presence, helping leaders inspire, deliver their message effectively and motivate others.

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Available internationally: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America and South America

My style is efficient and effective. Very direct with a no ‘BS’  approah. I’m not a text book theory coach like many coaches in agencies. Very few are active speakers and communicators today, who can coach at my level. My character, demeanor and way of communicating works with CEOs, leaders and Presidents. Having done so, it is a fact, that many, even trainers in this business can’t speak at their level. I can.


When CEOs or other super achievers have to speak but feel weak in speaking, they want to fix it and do it fast – with the best of the best.

My communication coaching service is like going the dentist when your tooth needs to be pulled out. As a CEO, or senior leader, you might have a tooth ache for months or even years, but you just put it off to “later”. But, there will come a time (before an important presentation/media appearance or speech – or right after bombing one) where the tooth needs to be pulled out. At that point, they reach out to me for my coaching service.

Present with power & Speak to impact

Leaders who engage in and benefit from communication coaching are often those who are assuming a new leadership position, speak to prospects everyday or are required to speak to a large audience (internal or external). This includes:

  • Speaking internally to teams and inspiring them
  • Persuading them to work hard towards the company vision
  • Events held by companies where they bring clients & partners
  • Swaying people internally / externally, investors or boardroom members, towards a vision or decision

I've Helped CEOS & Presidents communicate like commanding leaders

The communication training I do is at a very high level with senior leaders and groups. I use universal processes and techniques for effective communication. My clientele range from:  C-level executives, high-ticket sales professionals, managers leading a team (weekly meetings and presentations), HR and entrepreneurs.

All coaching is delivered one-on-one or in groups around issues unique to the individual leader/group.

I’ll help you with leadership communication.


  • Effectively change limiting behaviors
  • Strategically adopt successful practices
  • Exude leadership presence and inspire others
  • Increase your power, influence, and thought leadership


  • Cultivate and master the art of story telling
  • Craft and deliver transformative messages
  • Persuade, engage, inform, empower and inspire
  • Unlock the power of your voice



All your communication beginning from this point is , and will always remain, confidential.

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