Communication Coaching

If I told you there was an opportunity to save your company or organization $62.4 million per year, would you take it?

According to David Grossman’s report of 400 companies with 100,000 employees each, this is how much the average company is losing because of poor communication to and between employees. My executive communication coaching is designed specifically to address this gap.

In communication coaching sessions, I speak with CEOs, high-level executives, founders, and enterprise-level salespeople. I help them clarify their goals and offer an impartial eye to uncover how they can make marked improvements in their communication – quickly. Some insights are designed specifically for certain situations – like media skills, public speeches, and internal meetings. Other sessions can be focused more broadly on the overarching, universal principles that will make my clients successful communicators, no matter the audience or subject.

Just like an athletic coach, I seek to intrinsically motivate my executive clients into tapping into their uncovered potential to achieve their communication goals. So why do the best of the best – powerful CEOs, dignitaries, and royalty – still need my help? Keep in mind that even the greatest athletes in the world still need coaches as a member of their support network to lend an impartial eye and steadily guide them to where they need to be.

I’ve helped coach Fortune 500 CEOs and presidents, royalty, dignitaries, and influential thought leaders on effective communication. Each of them will tell you the same thing – executive coaching works, and their constituents reaped the benefits tenfold. Set up a call with my team today to learn how to start your own coaching sessions and achieve greatness.