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Elona Karafin is a luxury travel blogger, story teller, cancer survivor and an all-round do-gooder.

In a previous life, as a full time financial analyst, Elona Karafin made headlines for doing 3/4 day holidays around the world, shattering stereotypes and misconceptions by many who held off from travelling the world for that one big holiday.

As she wrote about her travel experiences, Elona Karafin got noticed, and soon found herself travelling full time & creating content.

As a child, Elona Karafin went through the trauma of facing cancer, which is why she has a huge humanitarian focus to help underprivileged kids with cancer. Which she does through The Karafin Cancer Foundation – please check it out, and do help out however and with whatever you can.

During the pandemic, as the world went on lock down, Elona Karafin started a podcast series to share untold stories, #TalksWithElona – link to playlist below

Although Elona is not new to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates many time, the sit down we had was from a time where she had just finished spending time visiting Saudi Arabia.

My sit down with Elona Karafin is full of insights, inspiration, and food for thought.


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