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Ronie Saleh started his career as speech and language pathologist, operating from his clinic in Stockholm, Sweden.

Today, Ronie Saleh has become one of the most sought after Kizomba artists in the world delivering his workshops and classes in over 50 countries, with his calendar booked for a good year and a half in advance ( although this was pre-Covid, I have no doubt, it will be same again, post-Covid)

Ronie Saleh is a dancer, teacher, singer and songwriter.

But above all, a mindful and wonderful human being.

I admire Ronie Saleh for his being, and I’m inspired by how he, early on in his life was able to turn what would be a huge stumbling block for many, to what today has become one of his greatest assets and skill.

This is an inspiring and informative episode.

Enjoy this conversation with my friend, the mindful, Ronie Saleh.

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