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My guest is a real estate tycoon in Dubai.

He is known in Dubai and around the world as a serial entrepreneur.

He is the chairman and (CEO) of FAM Properties and the FAM group of companies.

For the last 2 consecutive years, his brokerage firm was one of the leaders in Dubai.

In fact, the Dubai Land Department named his brokerage firm the number one real estate company for real estate sold by dirham value for the last two consecutive years.

He employees nearly 200 people with multiple offices in Dubai.

Ultra-wealthy individuals and groups trust this man with overseeing their investments.

His group exclusively manages and runs a real estate portfolio of over Dh2 billion

My guest and friend is built like a warrior.

Mentally and physically

He is a beast on every front.

He is an unstoppable force.

And frankly, he inspires the heck out of me

Instagram: @Firas_Al_Msaddi

Facebook: @FirasAlMsaddiFam/



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