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In 2015, X Factor Middle East had a winner. Saudi Arabia’s voice of R&B, Hamza Hawsawi.

Hamza Hawsawi is a renowned singer, a songwriter, a thinker and a hard worker, who wakes up with music on his mind, and music running through his veins.

Hamza Hawsawi has the looks. He’s got the smile. He’s got the moves. And boy has he got the voice. He has recorded his music at the metropolis studio in London. The place where Michael Jackson, Adele, Freddy Mercury, Amy wine house, Beyoncé, Elton John, Madonna, Rihanna have recorded. As well, he has performed live to audiences of 150,000+ people, and has reached millions through TV, cable networks and social media.

Hamaz Hawsawi has opened for the likes of J-Holiday in Abu Dhabi, Justin Bieber in Dubai, and shared the stage with Tamer Hosni in Riyadh. He also roams in the same circles as the likes of Teddy Riley. And If you know, then you know.

We see him a lot of him in Dubai and Saudi Arabia collaborating with brands for ads, music videos, and live performances.  The likes of Nike, Mobily, Dior, Maktoum airport and Apple Music.

He’s been featured on ET Arabia, The insider, MBC, DUBAI TV , Netflix (a show called ‘The Flex’) and a lot more.

Hamza Hawsawi is not only a current legend.

But I truly believe, a legend that’s still in the making.

The RNB kid known as Ayzee. 

The kid better known by his signature phrase –  The Jeddawi Kid

The voice of life experiences.

The voice that raises awareness.

The voice of passion and possibility.

The voice of inspiration.

Hamza Hawsawi is a man who makes his country proud

The man who makes us all proud.

Most important of all, the man who without a doubt, makes his mother, proud.

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