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Jad Halaoui is a Dubai based entrepreneur, engineer & an avid consumer of knowledge. He is wise, witty, and well spoken. Jad Halaoui forms part of the duo that is Washmen. The Dubai start-up that aims to eliminate the washing machine from your home. He is the co-founder & chief operating officer of what is the UAE’s fastest-growing dry cleaning and Laundry business.

Washmen started as a light app in 2015, is now a full fledged business that currently serves over 80,000 customers and processes close to half million items a month out of their two facilities in Dubai.

In April 2015 Washmen started with pre-seed funding of $27,500

In July 2015, they closed a seed funding round of $400,000

In October 2016, they raised a series A funding that’s undisclosed.

In 2019, they raised their series B funding of $6.2M

Jad Halaoui isn’t much for celebrating.

He derives his joy the from the process

The process of working, the process of building, the process of managing, the process of learning something new.

Jad Halaoui is a curious learner, has the confidence in know that things can be made better, and has a personality that is calm under pressure.

If you are into learning, earning, entrepreneurship or simply bettering your life, grab your popcorn and attention, because Jad Halaoui is a rapid-fire machine gun of profound thoughts.

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