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Joy Ajlouny was told, ‘You Can’t’, and that, was the start of her journey. I hope that from my conversation with Joy Ajlouny, you stop focussing on what everybody else thinks of you, and start focussing on what You think of you.

Joy is a bull in a china closet.

And she makes no apologies for it.

It’s what got her this far.

She is direct. She is unapologetic. She is relentless.

Joy Ajlouny was born and raised in New York to a super conservative Palestinian family.

She Studied at the George Washington University- doing finance and economics.

She made her first $100 working at a pastry shop at the age of 16.

Joy has been an entrepreneur ever since she can remember, opening her first store at 23.

Going on to have a chain of stores called Joy’s

Then, Joy Ajlouny set up a a fashion e-commerce company called Bonfaire.

Which was acquired by Moda Operandi. The group owned by LVMH.

Joy Ajlouny is a serial entrepreneur who Founded two Venture-Backed startups.

In 2015, Joy Ajlouny became the cofounder of Fetchr

She’s a consultant for startups, and Venture Capitalists.

She’s a speaker and advocate for gender equality.

Joy Ajlouny has an unmatched knowledge and expertise in funding, investment, startups and marketing strategies. I say because the facts speak for themselves.

To date, Joy has led the largest series B funding by a woman.

Joy Ajlouny has raised over $100 million in funding.

Numbers like this puts her firmly in the top 1% of women when it comes to raising funds. Period.

If you’re looking for the secret sauce to success and are ready to pound the pavement in order to achieve your goals, regardless of who you are, then you’re in for a treat.

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