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Dr. Lamya Tawfik was born and raised in Dubai. Lamya Tawfik wears a number of hats as an actor, storyteller, voice over artist, moderator, host, writer and translator. Lamya Tawfik holds a BA and MA in journalism and mass communication from the American University in Cairo, and a doctorate degree in childhood studies.

Dr. Lamya Tawfilk has been featured in several UAE, regional and Italian publications and TV programs such as MTV Italia!

She speaks English, Arabic, Italian and, in her words, she pretends to speak French.

There are some people who, with their presence make the world a better place.

And Lamya is certainly one of those people.

She has for one, made my world better, with her presence.

She is the embodiment of what has become her motto and inspiration for others. To live, is to laugh, listen, learn and love.

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