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Loai Al Fakir is a friend whom I’ve known from the early days of his real business, to what would become today, a dominating player in the Dubai Real Estate Market- Provident.  With Loai Al Fakir, the accolades don’t stop. Because he doesn’t stop.

Gary Vee, may have made the word hustle popular, but when I think of hustle, I think of Loai.

Grant Cardone, may have made the term, 10X popular, but when I think of 10x, I think of Loai.

I deliver keynote speeches around the world to leading companies teaching their people to think different. And when I think of someone who “thinks different”, I think of Loai.

Loai Al Fakir hustles. He plays 10X big.

He thinks different. He does different.

Which is why, ultimately, he is different.

Loai is a guy who has a never say die attitude.

A guy who is determined and driven.

A guy who rises in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy to world.

For someone who is torn between these two worlds, he is doing darn well.

Loai Al Fakir has consulted many developers in creating, designing and selling real estate.

He is the owner of Premier Mortgages, partner in Prime Stay Holiday Homes, and the CEO/Founder of Provident Estate.

Anyone in Dubai Real Estate, has either worked with, for, or at the very least, knows the man that is, Loai Al Fakir.

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