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Maya Al Hawary is an inspirational Emirati Educator and the first PHD scholar to research emotional intelligence and its effect on leadership in the United Arab Emirates. 

Maya Al Hawary was the vice-principal at a school when only a handful of Emiratis were in such a position. She’s the Chairperson of the board of governors of Dubai Carmel School & trains government employees on building leadership skills. 

Maya was awarded the Ambassador of knowledge for her volunteer work with the Red Crescent and was chosen as one of 50 social media icons and influencers to represent the year of tolerance, as a tolerant knight.

Maya Al Hawary and I discuss many topics, like depression, parenthood, Emotional intelligence and leadership.

We also tackle questions you might be all too familiar with.

Who am I? 

Why am I on this earth?

What’s my purpose?

Maya Al Hawary is an inspirational woman who has had to learn to cope with one of her children being disabled, or as we like to call them in Dubai, people of determination.

Maya Al Hawary had to deal with the stigma associated with being depressed.

There was a time when she felt like she was drowning, until she made the decision to grab the bull by the horn.

Her frustrations, led her to seek answers.

Answers that helped set new goals.

Answers that has helped her grow.

Answers that today she shares to inspire others.

She started off being fearful to today becoming a fearless Emirati Leader.

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