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Nitinn R. Miranni is a Dubai bred Indian comedian & actor. He is a renowned figure in the United Arab Emirates, regionally across the Middle East & India, and globally.

In the UAE alone, Nitinn R. Miranni opened for legends Like Eddie Griffin and the Tonight’s show host, Trevor Noah, on multiple occasions. Nitinn has also shared the stage with countless Bollywood celebrities and royalties, like Shah Rukh khan.

Beyond his success as a comedian, Nitinn R. Miranni is someone who observes life 
through an interesting lens, has a way of delivering his perspective, and is truly a lovely human being. There is an authenticity and warmth about Nitinn, which you will see and immediately feel if you have had the opportunity or are to ever be with him in a room.

Nitinn R. Miranni has sold out shows all over the world.

He is the first Indian stand-up comedian to perform inside the Eiffel Tower.
His last big show in Dubai, before the pandemic was to an audience of 5000+ people. He has been on numerous lists, like the Ahlan’s Hot 100 people Of Dubai.

Nitinn R. Miranni is smart, witty and lovable. His parents may have been worried in the early days about his choice of career, that people would laugh at him. Thankfully. They do. They laugh their assets off.

To say that I love Nitinn R. Miranni, for who he is and his craft, is an understatement.

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