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With His Excellency Eng. Saeed Al Remeithi

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His Excellency Eng. Saeed Al Remeithi was born, raised and educated in a public school in Abu Dhabi. He is a friend whom I, and many admire, both regionally and globally. H.E. Eng. Saeed Al Remeithi is the first UAE National appointed as the CEO of Emirates Steel, a company that he has since been with for almost two decades.

Under his leadership, he has led the company to becoming the largest integrated steel producer in UAE, exporting to over 40 countries. Turning over, 7 Billion dirhams annually.

His Excellency Eng. Saeed Al Remeithi is also the Chairman of the World Steel Association Economic Committee.

He is a father of 4. And a father figure to close to 3000 employees.

Yet manages to have a healthy and active life.

He is a man who finds the good in any situation.

A man who finds himself leading in any given context.

A man who whom for the sizable mark that he’s making, is rather, humble.

My guest and dear friend, is The Man of Steel.

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