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When I think of courage and being brave, I think of my friend, Dubai’s Style Coach & Art Director Yasmin Yousri (ياسمين يسري). A lady who is a three-time cancer survivor. If you, or someone you know is having a rough day, you should make the time to watch this episode.

Yasmin Yousri is a reminder that all of us are living on borrowed time.

We don’t own anything.

We are renting.

This place.

This space.

This race. It can all be taken away from us, at any given moment.

No matter how aware we might think we might be.

You and I, In fact, we are all guilty of taking our lives for granted.

Guilty of it. I am. Every day.

Because the fundamental truth is that on any given day, it could very well be our last.

Yasmin moved to Dubai, seeking a new challenge, away from the corporate world.

Today, she’s a stylist.

A lifestyle blogger

A style coach

An Art Director

Motivational Speaker

And a Presenter of the TV show – The influencers challenge

They call her an Influencer.

They call her a fashion guru

They call her bullet proof.

But she’s more than that.

She’s a fighter.

She’s a survivor.

A three-time Cancer survivor

I’m inspired by her attitude, courage and outlook on life. 

I have no doubt, you will be too.

This is, How Do They Do It?

I’m Kevin Abdulrahman

My guest today is Yasmin Yousri.

Ps. This was Yasmin Yousri’s first English YouTube interview, though I much prefer to call it a chat between two friends.

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