Best Communication Skills Training in the USA (2019)

Are you unsatisfied with your abilities as a communicator? Do you think you or your team could use a little work sharing and conveying information in an appropriate and polite way? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve found Kevin Abdulrahman, who offers the best communication skills training in the USA. So whether you live and work in powerhouse Washington DC, busy New York, sunny Los Angeles, unique Philadelphia, or windy Chicago, Kevin can give you the skills you need to be successful in business and in life!

Are You a World-Class Communicator?

Unless you’ve had years, even decades, of experience, you probably aren’t an expert when it comes to communication. To find out if you could benefit from the best communication skills training in the USA, simply ask yourself:

  • Am I confident, clear, and precise when I convey information?
  • When I speak, am I able to sway people to my point of view?
  • Am I confident in my written communication skills as well as verbal?

Most people won’t answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions, in fact, some people won’t even have an affirmative answer for one. That’s fine. It may be true that some people seem to be born good communicators. However, even naturals who use communication in a professional setting need practice. That’s because like painting, playing a sport, or playing an instrument, communication is a skill. That means you can learn it. You just need the right teacher.

Benefits of Awesome Communication

You may be asking, what’s the best communication skills training in the USA really going to do for me? Well, a lot actually. Communication has many benefits. So many, in fact, that you could probably fill a whole book if you listed them. So, let’s start with some basics.

Communication Training Will Help You Become a More Powerful Leader

Think about a leader, any famous historical leader. What do you remember learning about them? It’s likely you remember something they said. Why is this? Because although the saying, actions speak louder than words, may be true, words have a tendency to survive the trek through history in remarkably good condition. That’s why everyone still remembers Martin Luther King Jr’s, “I have a dream!” But great communication and leadership aren’t just about talking. It’s about communicating in such a way that you inspire others to follow you and motivate them to be amazing.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” 

James Humes

Communication Training Will Strengthen Your Team

What happens when a computer piece on your car stops working. Everything might be totally sound mechanically, everything in the right place, and working as it should. However, the computer components in your car are responsible for sending the signals needed to tell the parts to go. Without this information, everything else is useless. Similarly, a team needs effective communication to work productively towards a shared goal. You could have the most highly-qualified and brilliant people working for you, but without communication, they’ll do you no good. But this will all change when you invest in the best communication skills training in the USA. Because Kevin’s techniques will give your team the edge it needs to reach their goals efficiently and skillfully.

Communication Skills Training Will Broaden Your Client Base

If you want customers then you’ve got to learn the best way to communicate with them. You want to reach as many people as possible, right? Not only that. You also want them to come back! Communication is what gives you a leg up on all of your competition and makes people come to you instead. In fact, people often focus less on the product or service than the treatment they receive from the company. Kevin knows what customers are looking for in a business and how they expect you to interact with them. And he can show you how to get, keep, and satisfy your customers so they always come back.

Why Kevin?

You may be wondering, why should I choose Kevin Abdulrahman? To answer that question, I first need to explain what makes Kevin’s training the top communication skills training in the USA.
Kevin has worked for decades to achieve his reputation as both an expert in communication training and a world-renowned motivational speaker. He makes his living talking to crowds of over 10,000 people! In 2017, he was even voted #1 motivational speaker from a list of over 1,000 other candidates! This being said, it’s safe to assume he knows a thing about communicating with people.

He’s been hired by some of the world’s biggest players such as Air Arabia, Lockton, Oracle, and many more! And if his techniques work on that level, it means that everyone can benefit from his training!
Kevin worked long and hard to earn his reputation. His beginnings were neither privileged, nor were they easy. For this reason, he understands how valuable your time is. When he coaches, he focuses every moment on getting you the results you need. His goal is to make you a better communicator and if he can’t do it, he guarantees your money back.

What to Expect from Communication Skills Training Courses

Effective communication skills are absolutely essential in business and in life. If you want to be successful in business, you need to be able to build relationships, and you can’t do that if you can’t communicate properly. And that’s why the best communication skills training in the USA will bring such incredible benefits to your life and business.

Communication skills training courses will give you and your team the opportunity to learn and practice techniques for more assertive and effective communication. You will learn to express your ideas clearly and effectively, and gain confidence by actually using these skills. So when you encounter the situations in real life, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Kevin’s communication skills training courses are individualized. He designs each course to the needs and the business of his clients. But there are a number of elements he teaches that are common across all of his communication training courses. So when you work with him, you’ll learn:

  • The processes and components that underlie all communications.
  • The power of non-verbal communication and how to use it.
  • Why you need to understand communication styles and how to use them to connect with anyone.
  • The importance of listening and how to become an active listener.
  • How to recognize and take control of the universal principles that govern effective communication.
  • How communication is connected to personality and behavioral styles.
  • Practical, effective techniques for delivering your message in every situation and with every type of person.

Communication Skills Resources

If you’re looking for help immediately, there are a number of articles and blogs that can help. Some of the most useful include:

Communication Skills Training in the USA

If you’re ready to get to the next level in your business and your personal life, then Kevin is available to teach one of his world-renowned communication skills training courses. He can come to your workplace or help you organize an event at one of the many five star locations in the USA. Some of the best facilities for events include:

  • CityView at Metreon, San Francisco.
  • Palace Hotel, California.
  • Terra Gallery, San Francisco.
  • The Carlyle, New York.
  • One World Observatory, New York.
  • Epic Miami.
  • W Los Angeles.

While you’re in the USA, make sure you visit some of the amazing sites including Yellowstone Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon.

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Don’t settle for less. You can be an expert communicator if you’re willing to make the effort. And with the top communication skills training in the USA to help you achieve your goals, you’re going to be unstoppable!

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