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Tammer Qaddumi is an investor, and one of the founding partners at Venture Souq, a Dubai-based early-stage investment platform.  Which means, if you, or someone you know is at the early stage of their start up, make sure you tune in to this episode. The group has made well over 100 investments. And yours, or your friend’s could potentially be next.

Tammer Qaddumi got his B.A. from Yale.

While at Yale, he did a semester at the American University of Beirut.

On his return, he interned at the White House, under the George W. Bush administration.

He also went on to serve as a Fulbright Scholar, in Damascus Syria.

Tammer Qaddumi moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2009

Most of his time after was spent with Waha Capital, a publicly listed private equity firm based in Abu Dhabi, part of the Mubadala family of companies.

In 2013, Tammer Qaddumi along with his informal circle of investors and friends decided to co-found Venture Souq.

Today they are Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates with a team in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

And are the largest investor network in the MENA region.

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