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Ihsan Salhia, or as he is affectionately known (TG! from Dubai) is the go to photographer & film director by many world leading brands.

Always a hard worker, Ihsan Salhia did the corporate world, owning his own business, experiencing life’s the roller coaster, losing it all, and getting back on his feet. This ultimately led Ihsan to make a decision, a public one – to make Photography his life.

Ihsan Salhia gave himself a one-year deadline to bet on his passion and desire to make it work. A bet that paid off.

Today, TG! Dubai is a photographer, film maker and a commercial drone pilot

Ihsan is also the Ambassador of numerous brands.

And the CEO of TG Media Productions.

TG’s work is well recognized in Dubai, regionally, as well as a global following

And it’s for good reason.  Because when you can capture and edit shots the way my guest does it, and your play ground is Dubai. Or as Ihsan Salhia refers to it, “His Disney Land”, then of course you’d follow him, to see his stunning pictures.

Here’s the story of a man who has come to be recognized as TG!

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